Stella and Curry’s talking recycling

So finally Stella Artois and Currys meet in more than just a late night takeaway melange…. they are both brands that are communicating recycling as part of their advertising:

– Stella’s outdoor campaign focussing on the recycled material content of the cans and box packaging, in a stylish ‘Stella’ manner that touches on nostalgia of where the aluminium or card came from before it was a Stella pack.  Very interesting way to make eco chic rather than worthy, and adds to the retro campaign feel of Stella nowadays

– Curry’s are focussing on recycling of white goods, with a ‘delivery plus recycling’ offer on TV and outdoor: a very practical ‘solving a consumer problem’ so if Curry’s can own it, it demonstrates them to be helpful and customer focussed, not just worthy or responsible.

Both great examples of not sticking on ‘green’ like a brand bolt on, but using it as a route to support brand values – like any other benefit message, make it tailored, ownable and motivating….