Do marketers think ecolabels can help drive brand growth?

In a world of decaying trust, where some think we’ve had enough of experts and ‘fake news’ is a phenomenon, what role is there for a 3rd party aiming to bring credibility to brand claims?

In an update to the groundbreaking 2012 research, bluebabel has investigated the opinions of 50 leading marketers and 50 of their sustainability colleagues, to understand who’s winning and losing amongst ecolabels, why, and what their future role can be in the complex world of brand building. Five years on from the first study, we see some commonality remains, but there are shifts in attitudes and issues that hint at significant challenges for ecolabels who hope to build brand partnerships in future. Most importantly, we see some emerging opportunities in sustainability issues which are currently not being dealt with fully by ecolabels, and some hints that alternative solutions may emerge such as innovative collaborations.

A two page summary of the Top 10 headlines can be downloaded here


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