Smart Brand Innovation that Reduces Wastage

We hear alot about Recycling. But top of the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle mantra is ‘Reduce’ – and this isn’t just about energy use, its about reducing the ratio of materials to uses – for example weight reduction, concentration, or portion control. So get more out, for less going in. And all of these things can have other consumer benefits – smartness, convenience, time saving are just a few.

So here I just wanted to highlight a few products that have done just that, without trying to turn their brands ‘green’ – its just smart innovation based on life cycle thinking.

Fibreclay – Garden Terracota but made without firing clay, saving 85% on energy, and also lightweight and frost proof

Persil Capsules – dosage control, more uses per pack, has lower overall footprint than normal liquids – plus consumer benefit of time saved & less mess

Lenor Concentrate – all the fabric conditioners have realised there is no point in trucking water around, hence the concentrate (and means less packaging) – and easier inhome storage with smaller pack

Source shower gel – the first to offer a ‘refill pack’ as a normal pack – not branded ‘refill’, and so easy to use with less mess (no lid to gunk up) and less packaging that it makes me wonder why everything else comes in bottles

Sure Roll On & Marmite – finally upside down packs (Heinz ketchup also) have caught on bigtime. Saves consumer mess, can get last out of pack, and gives a shelf impact point of difference

What all of these have in common is a win win – less materials/energy per consumer use, but also additional consumer benefits. So they don’t have to shout ‘green’, they just get on with being smart.

If you have any other examples that you particularly like, of smart win-wins for sustainability and consumer, click on ‘Comment’ and let us know!