Lily Allen’s ‘The Fear’ – a sustainability anthem?!

Anyone’s who’s heard Lily’s no1 smash hit ‘The Fear’ will have noticed the lyrics, as pointed as her usual fare, but this time aiming at mindless consumerism and the transient superficial nature of fame and celebrity.

The contrast of the ‘happy-spending’ major-key verses and the ‘confused fear’ minor-key chorus exactly epitomises the current consumerism debate…. This is the way we have constructed this society, we’re all set in these ways, we’re all ‘weapons of massive consumption’ (my favourite lyric of 2009 so far!) …..yet we suspect a fall is coming, and nervousness is spreading.

So what impact will this kind of popularist music have – is it reaching those most addicted to trash consumerism, or is it just for the conscientious new youth and us older greenies? Either way, surely one more poke at the stupidity of our unsustainable society can but help the sustainability cause… what do you think?

And here are the full lyrics… the clean version!