London’s Low Emission Zone – a plea for a rebrand!

Just last week, I heard a very senior and well informed business leader explain to a vistor to London that the Low Emission Zone was about ‘the Mayor’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions’. In a no doubt very annoying way I couldn’t resist stepping in and explaining otherwise. But I think this view is not isolated – from consumer research a consistent theme is that the general public now think of ’emissions’ as being to do with climate change, and ‘pollution’ to do with all the other stuff thats bad for us that comes out of cars, industry, etc.

So given this, could we not make a plea to the London Assembly to consider renaming it the Low Pollution Zone? Since its nothing to do with carbon emissions and everything to do with the nitrous oxides and other pollutants that old engines throw out… Perhaps this would be one step to getting the UK off the top of the European rankings for transport pollution – a recent DEFRA report warns that 95% of cities/regions in the UK have roads where pollution breaches safety levels and can endanger health. We clearly need more ‘low pollution zones’ – but lets get the branding right so that people understand!Any views? Click on ‘comment’ to vote yes or no to a rebrand!